My name is Don Zaremba. I am a Director of Engineering at Powersteering Software. We provide a cloud-base Software as a Service (SaaS) product of Project and Portfolio Management. I am writing to recommend the services of one of our business partners, Simbirsoft. We have been successfully collaborating with SimbirSoft since 2007; the results of this cooperation have been very positive. From the beginning, we have had the opportunity to personally interview each developer of our team and ensure their professionalism and expertise in our technology stack. Currently, we have a dedicated team of 11 developers and QA engineers. Their expertise, interest in making the overall product better and competency are contributing to the overall success of our collaboration. In our view, we are getting a good return on the investment in this relationship. I would also note the high English proficiency of our partners at SimbirSoft. Software and QA engineers work closely with our team in Cambridge, MA, including Product Management, Project Management, Architects and QA Management. Based on our positive experience, we are happy to recommend SimbirSoft as a reliable and a highly qualified partner.
We have been very much impressed by SimbirSoft’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a state of the art prototype that perfectly symbolizes our vision of an upcoming product and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the development of our multiplatform solution. The quality and a delivery of that prototype are exceeded our expectation. We look forward to working with SimbirSoft on all our upcoming projects.
I have worked with SimbirSoft for over 7 years. We worked together on a large, enterprise class SaaS application with a team of 10-20 people as well as smaller projects with only 1-2 developers. I have visited the team on numerous occasions and personally know the founders and the management staff. SimbirSoft has managed to hire and retain a very qualified and disciplined team that is being constantly challenged to learn new technologies, improve business and project management processes and to deliver to the customer the project within the timeline and the budget that were agreed upon. SimbirSoft not only listens to what the customer wants, but thinks creatively about the best way to achieve the customer's goals, proposes and defends alternative solutions. The engineers, both development and quality assurance, are highly qualified and engaged in their projects, whether augmenting a US team or being the only developers and testers on a project. I would highly recommend SimbirSoft to any US-based company that may be contemplating offshore development.
We had a great experience working with you guys.
For seven years of cooperation, SimbirSoft has completed a variety of project for us, including desktop applications, cloud server and web applications. When we had a task to make a high-load web application we entrusted it to SimbirSoft to develop as they always possess required professional teams for us, their long-term customer. We were happy that SimbirSoft team managed to get into the subject area required: extension of the team due to specifics of our project or implementation of our immediate ideas the team was prompt enough to keep the promised timelines. We, at Gehtsoft USA, are very satisfied with SimbirSoft team collaboration. Elizaveta Gekht, Product Manager, GehtSoft USA LLC
We are happy to cooperate with SimbirSoft as they have proven to be a reliable partner. From the very beginning of our partnership, SimbirSoft demonstrated a confident level of technical skills and high speed in solving challenging tasks. We were pleased to see qualitative results after the first week of work. Project management is also worth dealing with and always quick to react. We, *instinctools, plan to build a long-term relationship with SimbirSoft. Vitaly Schiglinski, Director
SimbirSoft Ltd has participated in ACS Motion Control Ltd’s pilot project and was selected as one of the sub-contractors for developing different components under the unified environment of the Next Generation MMI project based on modern UI design and latest Microsoft .NET technologies. And we're very glad to say that our cooperation with SimbirSoft’s team has fully lived up to our expectations and the project was a complete success. We're pleased with the product quality and the team's attitude both to the development process and to the final product itself. We're going to continue our collaborative work in the upcoming projects and would recommend the team to the others looking for professional team of software developers.
On behalf of Pentasoft Corp I would like to thank SimbirSoft's staff for their high-quality work and efficient solutions. We started cooperating with SimbirSoft Ltd. in 2004 and we are very pleased with their work. SimbirSoft specialists have a profound knowledge of ecommerce systems. They developed some components of our main product Avactis Shopping Cart. We hope to keep cooperating and doing business together.
On behalf of Yillio Inc., I would like to say that for more than 3 years of our cooperation, SimbirSoft has proven to be a reliable partner for us. During the creation of our patented brand-new geo-location mobile application SimbirSoft iOS and Android teams carried out all tasks on time and as agreed/ we relied on their vast experience, technological awareness, and dedication. All deadlines were met and new challenges of mobile stories addressed. We appreciate SimbirSoft approach to preliminary analysis, software development, quality assurance and management, which helped us create our YILLIO mobile application. Based on our positive experience I highly recommend SimbirSoft to any US-company looking for a professional IT partner. Sincerely Yours, Vadim Droznin
SimbirSoft Ltd. is the most client-centered company I have ever worked with. Everything is always clear, neat, efficient and warm, without the complicated programming dialect. Having started working with SimbirSoft Ltd. in 2001 I still appreciate our cooperation. They successfully completed tasks with various degrees of complexity: from building in 2001 -2002 a site for Yacht Racing “Volga Cup” with a Yacht coordinated on-line tracking system (for the first time in Russia) to developing and implementing of a complex interactive television operational system TV-Charm in 2005-2008 (for the first time in Russia as well!). Meanwhile there have been accomplished plenty of various little tasks. The whole list of the solutions worked out by SimbirSoft Ltd. for us would be too long to post. I do recommend. It’s worthy.
Sergey, We really enjoyed working with you and really liked the professional behaviour of your company and the people we learned. Good guys and professional work, I wish you and your company the best for the future.


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