My name is Don Zaremba. I am a Director of Engineering at Powersteering Software. We provide a cloud-base Software as a Service (SaaS) product of Project and Portfolio Management. I am writing to recommend the services of one of our business partners, Simbirsoft. We have been successfully collaborating with SimbirSoft since 2007; the results of this cooperation have been very positive. From the beginning, we have had the opportunity to personally interview each developer of our team and ensure their professionalism and expertise in our technology stack. Currently, we have a dedicated team of 11 developers and QA engineers. Their expertise, interest in making the overall product better and competency are contributing to the overall success of our collaboration. In our view, we are getting a good return on the investment in this relationship. I would also note the high English proficiency of our partners at SimbirSoft. Software and QA engineers work closely with our team in Cambridge, MA, including Product Management, Project Management, Architects and QA Management. Based on our positive experience, we are happy to recommend SimbirSoft as a reliable and a highly qualified partner. Don Zaremba Director of Engineering
I have worked with SimbirSoft for over 7 years. We worked together on a large, enterprise class SaaS application with a team of 10-20 people as well as smaller projects with only 1-2 developers. I have visited the team on numerous occasions and personally know the founders and the management staff. SimbirSoft has managed to hire and retain a very qualified and disciplined team that is being constantly challenged to learn new technologies, improve business and project management processes and to deliver to the customer the project within the timeline and the budget that were agreed upon. SimbirSoft not only listens to what the customer wants, but thinks creatively about the best way to achieve the customer's goals, proposes and defends alternative solutions. The engineers, both development and quality assurance, are highly qualified and engaged in their projects, whether augmenting a US team or being the only developers and testers on a project. I would highly recommend SimbirSoft to any US-based company that may be contemplating offshore development. Tibor Vais Vice President, Kanda Software
We have been very much impressed by SimbirSoft’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a state of the art prototype that perfectly symbolizes our vision of an upcoming product and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the development of our multiplatform solution. The quality and a delivery of that prototype are exceeded our expectation. We look forward to working with SimbirSoft on all our upcoming projects.
I have worked with SimbirSoft for over 7 years. We worked together on a large, enterprise class SaaS application with a team of 10-20 people as well as smaller projects with only 1-2 developers. I have visited the team on numerous occasions and personally know the founders and the management staff. SimbirSoft has managed to hire and retain a very qualified and disciplined team that is being constantly challenged to learn new technologies, improve business and project management processes and to deliver to the customer the project within the timeline and the budget that were agreed upon. SimbirSoft not only listens to what the customer wants, but thinks creatively about the best way to achieve the customer's goals, proposes and defends alternative solutions. The engineers, both development and quality assurance, are highly qualified and engaged in their projects, whether augmenting a US team or being the only developers and testers on a project. I would highly recommend SimbirSoft to any US-based company that may be contemplating offshore development.
We had a great experience working with you guys.
We are happy to cooperate with SimbirSoft as they have proven to be a reliable partner. From the very beginning of our partnership, SimbirSoft demonstrated a confident level of technical skills and high speed in solving challenging tasks. We were pleased to see qualitative results after the first week of work. Project management is also worth dealing with and always quick to react. We, *instinctools, plan to build a long-term relationship with SimbirSoft. Vitaly Schiglinski, Director
SimbirSoft Ltd has participated in ACS Motion Control Ltd’s pilot project and was selected as one of the sub-contractors for developing different components under the unified environment of the Next Generation MMI project based on modern UI design and latest Microsoft .NET technologies. And we're very glad to say that our cooperation with SimbirSoft’s team has fully lived up to our expectations and the project was a complete success. We're pleased with the product quality and the team's attitude both to the development process and to the final product itself. We're going to continue our collaborative work in the upcoming projects and would recommend the team to the others looking for professional team of software developers.
On behalf of Notamedia I would like to thank SimbirSoft for productive cooperation. The SimbirSoft's professionals proved to be a team of high expertise and responsibility, the team capable of solving a wide range of technical tasks (Yii2, Bitrix, PHP, AngularJS) and presenting the results for each stage right on time. At the point when we needed to extend the team our project manager engaged the required specialists. The main advantage of SimbirSoft is their immediate reaction to our requests, excellent quality and rapid accomplishment of the tasks. We are sure of further successful cooperation with SimbirSoft.
In 2015 we chose SimbirSoft as one of the contractors to implement a federal project of improving certain modules of a web portal. In a short period of time a dedicated team consisting of 2 web developers, QA-specialist, PM and account manager was formed. The specialists carried out the following activities: • Making up a requirements list for the developed functionality • Developing new functional modules of the website • Integrating new page layouts with detailed analysis and testing • Preparing demo versions for the general customer and user manuals for the implemented functionality Especially remarkable is the fact that the team assumed responsibility for server setting and was instrumental in arranging source code management system (Git) workflow as well as deploying changes on real and test server. The interaction with other participants of the project was also very effective. The development pace was kept high, which made it possible to accomplish a wide range of tasks in a short period. One should notice that data transfer to production server was done in 2 hours - the shortest possible time – as the date of demonstration to the general customer was changed. We appreciate high quality and pace of the work activities as well as expertise of the specialists. The reports on tasks accomplishment and time management were provided daily, weekly and monthly. Well-organized accounting assures meeting deadlines and avoiding budget overruns and provides full control of project implementation. We’d like to acknowledge our appreciation and gratitude to SimbirSoft specialists for a job well done. We recommend SimbirSoft as a worthy partner to implement complex projects. Bozyev A., CEO Rusmedia
CleverDATA Company began cooperation with SimbirSoft in 2015 developing the project implementing collection of unstructured data from public sources (Big Data). From the very start we liked that the employees of the company are always approaching the tasks with all their heart and always accomplish them meeting the deadlines. The first adapter was completed already in a few weeks after contracting. We’d like to remark the initiative and thoughtful approach of SimbirSoft team. We will be glad to increase our further cooperation. Best regards, D.Afanasiev CEO Clever Data
Gaming Solutions Company began its cooperation with SimbirSoft in 2015. In a short time period C++ programmers managed to join the team of a complex project implementing game launching via a cloud service. SimbirSoft specialists demonstrated a high level of technical expertise. All the tasks were accomplished meeting the deadline. The flexible approach of SimbirSoft towards its clients is also noteworthy. We wish SimbirSoft even more successful professional activity and new interesting C++ projects! Lykov A., CTO Gaming Solutions
SimbirSoft Company created a mobile app for us. The development was completed in the shortest possible time and with proper quality. Besides this the client’s wishes were considered during all the process of project implementation. The company proved itself to be a reliable partner. The level of team’s technical skills is high. The high expertise of the management is also worth mentioning – they are able to communicate and keep the development process “transparent” for the client, which provides an opportunity to keep up with the development process and to understand the percentage completion of the app. We are pleased to recommend SimbirSoft as a company able to develop a high quality app for you. We wish SimbirSoft good luck in further development and growth! Shalyapina A., project manager CarPrice
Peter-Service Company has been working in cooperation with SimbirSoft since October 2015. In spite of rather a short term of our cooperation we find it necessary to thank Your team for paying maximum attention to all the incoming requests and for the high quality of the performed services. Peter=Service has a broad experience in implementing of large-scale projects and in developing a variety of solutions for the leading carrier and landline service providers in Russia. Our company dedicates towards a high level of service quality and we are interested in time efficient satisfaction of our fast growing needs. Especially for us SimbirSoft formed a dedicated team of ten experts in various spheres (Java, JavaScript, automated testing) whom we are also eager to thank. We also would like to mention the work of project managers for their ability to meet the the client’s wishes to the full extent. Peter-Service is grateful for detailed complex elaboration of the services performed, competent description of suggestions, active effort to solve the emerging problems. SimbirSoft has also created suitable conditions for mutually beneficial partnership. Drawing on our common positive experience we are confident about the future and development of our further cooperation with SimbirSoft. Voinov A. CTO Peter-Service
We chose SimbirSoft to implement our ambitious project – a Web portal. Even before starting the project we had met the team of developers and discussed the implementation plan. The team did a deep and detailed research of the project domain and already after the first month of development we were assured that we are dealing with highly qualified professionals, as these guys had surpassed all the expectations and done even more than the plans called for. Before beginning of each stage the analysts work through the task, which makes it possible to have the full understanding of the expected result. Currently we continue successful development of our project and plan to implement new features with SimbirSoft. V. Palagutin CEO TenderLot
On behalf of "Aktion-MCFR" and the Lawyer System we extend our thanks to SimbirSoft for successful cooperation in 2015. Due to their participation we managed to develop several large-scale projects such as Russian Lawyers "What?Where?When?" (intellectual game). Online Cup as well as the IVth law forum "The Main Legal Events of the Year" for legal practitioners, Lawyer System - Arbitrage Lawsuit Preparation achievements page and, of course, SimbirSoft's specialist took an active part in Lawyer System Events website maintenance. We are eager to note high professional skills and technical expertise of the developers - all the tasks are accomplished with maximum quality and meeting the deadlines no matter how complicated they were. It's always easy to communicate with managers and to find common grounds in problem solutions understanding. We have been working with SimbirSoft for several years already and intend to continue cooperation in development of our new projects! Chudakov N. Сhief editor of Lawyer System
We hired the SimbirSoft team in 2013 to develop Fingooroo online crediting service based on Java platform. In a short term developers proved we were right choosing cooperation with SimbirSoft: in a few months we got the first results. Due to highly professional skills of all the team members including developers, testers and managers we finished project development meeting the deadline and avoiding budget overrun. We continued further cooperation with SimbirSoft - the company was demonstrating flexibility and customer focus engaging appropriate specialists. For example in 2015 we carried out usability-analysis, redesigned the service and accomplished a number of tasks important for our business. We can recommend SimbirSoft as a reliable partner capable of rapid providing resources to accomplish tasks. Svyatchenkova Olga, CEO
Aktion Group has been successfully working with SimbirSoft for a long time. In these years we've developed several dozens of web apps. Being aware of the fact that SimbirSoft specialists possess very high professional Bitrix development skills, we initiated development of an app for our dealers by them. For us it was a very important project as we planned to present it at the Annual Partners' Convention. SimbirSoft specialists made an efficient analysis and prepared a detailed plan of the project, proceeded with development and demonstrated the skeleton app in a few weeks already. Due to detailed prolonged analytics preceding each stage of development we as customers clearly understood the expected result of each stage. This transparency made our cooperation extremely satisfying. As a result the project was developed meeting the deadline and without budget overrun and we got lots of positive feedback at the presentation of the product. We are planning to continue project development and implementation of new features by SimbirSoft specialists. Yulia Andreeva, project manager
We in Info Indastries Group are extremely satisfied by our cooperation with SimbirSoft. The most impressive fact is that the team appointed to our project managed to join development rapidly, master the technological platform they were previously unfamiliar with and complete all the tasks meeting the deadline and the highest standards of quality. When the team required extension SimbirSoft was able to engage professionals in two weeks. We hope to continue mutually beneficial cooperation. Dmitriy Lebedev, CEO IIG
Our cooperation with Simbirsoft began with a single front-end developer. Literally in a month we made sure that the level of Simbirsoft developers' professional skills is very high and extended cooperation, involving additional specialists into other web-projects and later we also employed their testing service and mobile development. In a year of cooperative working Simbirsoft turned out to be a highly professional front-end and mobile development team and performed high-quality service. Thanks to their participation we implemented 6 large-scale projects that are very important to our company. It's worth noting that interaction established between ABBYY LS and Simbirsoft project leads as well as between developers had a very positive influence on further communication and improved mutual understanding, revealing common grounds in project development. All the managers setting tasks for SimbirSoft get full access to task accomplishment and time spending reports. Well-organized reports ensure deadline meeting and avoid budget overrun and provide online project implementation monitoring. Without any doubt Simbirsoft is a company to recommend for long-term partnership in software development sphere. Puha E., project manager Abby Language
On behalf of Pentasoft Corp I would like to thank SimbirSoft's staff for their high-quality work and efficient solutions. We started cooperating with SimbirSoft Ltd. in 2004 and we are very pleased with their work. SimbirSoft specialists have a profound knowledge of ecommerce systems. They developed some components of our main product Avactis Shopping Cart. We hope to keep cooperating and doing business together.
For seven years of cooperation, SimbirSoft has completed a variety of project for us, including desktop applications, cloud server and web applications. When we had a task to make a high-load web application we entrusted it to SimbirSoft to develop as they always possess required professional teams for us, their long-term customer. We were happy that SimbirSoft team managed to get into the subject area required: extension of the team due to specifics of our project or implementation of our immediate ideas the team was prompt enough to keep the promised timelines. We, at Gehtsoft USA, are very satisfied with SimbirSoft team collaboration. Elizaveta Gekht, Product Manager, GehtSoft USA LLC
On behalf of Yillio Inc., I would like to say that for more than 3 years of our cooperation, SimbirSoft has proven to be a reliable partner for us. During the creation of our patented brand-new geo-location mobile application SimbirSoft iOS and Android teams carried out all tasks on time and as agreed/ we relied on their vast experience, technological awareness, and dedication. All deadlines were met and new challenges of mobile stories addressed. We appreciate SimbirSoft approach to preliminary analysis, software development, quality assurance and management, which helped us create our YILLIO mobile application. Based on our positive experience I highly recommend SimbirSoft to any US-company looking for a professional IT partner. Sincerely Yours, Vadim Droznin
We chose SimbirSoft to develop our Android an iOS apps making it possible to watch TV channels, archives of TV programs and movies on smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere. Within a short time SimbirSoft team managed to join the project. We like the fact that all the members of the team demonstrate high initiative and deep interest in creating a product of high quality and demand. We appreciate interesting ideas in development of our service and detailed approach of the specialists. And the manager assigned to our project is always time efficient in solving any task and provides all the required information. It’s worth to mention that SimbirSoft provided an equally skillful specialist as a temporary replacement for an employee taking a vacation. This helped to continue development at the same pace. Rapid engagement of additional specialists to the matter of the project and its details as well as providing the highest efficiency of project development proves the broad experience of SimbirSoft in development of unique software products. We are glad to continue our cooperation with SimbirSoft. Rogkov A., project manager ДОМ.РУ
PROGNOZ and SimbirSoft began cooperation in 2011. At different times SimbirSoft teams helped us to develop from 2 to 4 projects simultaneously. One should mention a remarkable experience of SimbirSoft in iOS and Android development as well as high proficiency in C#, Java, JavaScript and PHP. In 2015 we've chosen SimbirSoft as one of our contractors to develop a federal-financed project. We've developed an information system for Federal Accreditation Service (Rosakkreditatsiya). SimbirSoft acted as core developer and engaged a dedicated PHP team including developers and other specialists. They were working at a high pace and we deeply appreciate SimbirSoft’s understanding of our inside business process and maximum adaptation of all the participants to meet these requirements. Particularly noteworthy were the developers and testers team leads assuming coordination not only between themselves but also between other contractors and helping to resolve a number of unexpected situations. We recommend SimbirSoft as a worthy partner for complicated and very important state level projects! Istomina М. project manager
I express my thanks to SimbirSoft team for their professional and competent work. Especially I’d like to remark a very flexible approach towards problem solution and immediate reaction to any requests. We choose SimbirSoft as reliable long-term partner. Thank you for your work! Leonid Piontkovsky, Chairman of the Board SensMax Ltd.
When our company "Caesar Satellite" needed to redesign our mobile app and add new features to it we got in touch with SimbirSoft. Working with this company we liked that Simbirsoft was always ready to discuss action priority changes as well as moving milestones and deadlines a within the global tasks according to our request. In spite of an emerged difficulty SimbirSoft reacted rapidly and continued project development at the same pace. Understanding that creating the app's design and concept require constant interaction of all the participants SimbirSoft immediately let us communicate directly with the specialist without project manager's intermediacy. This allowed us to have a successful rapid communication and use flexible solutions in accomplishing our goals. We recommend SimbirSoft to all the companies in search of a reliable and flexible IT-partner for software development and design solutions. Nikolai Shatunov , head of software development group.
SimbirSoft Ltd. is the most client-centered company I have ever worked with. Everything is always clear, neat, efficient and warm, without the complicated programming dialect. Having started working with SimbirSoft Ltd. in 2001 I still appreciate our cooperation. They successfully completed tasks with various degrees of complexity: from building in 2001 -2002 a site for Yacht Racing “Volga Cup” with a Yacht coordinated on-line tracking system (for the first time in Russia) to developing and implementing of a complex interactive television operational system TV-Charm in 2005-2008 (for the first time in Russia as well!). Meanwhile there have been accomplished plenty of various little tasks. The whole list of the solutions worked out by SimbirSoft Ltd. for us would be too long to post. I do recommend. It’s worthy.
SimbirSoft proved to be a reliable and highly professional partner, SimbirSoft provided technical specialists for various departments of the Saritasa company (Android SDK, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS). We emgaged these professionals in numerous projects reinforcing our own teams. For example, we developed staff management system in close cooperation with SimbirSoft. Dueing the development we restored the operability of the system, improved performance of certain parts of the project, created additional modiles zccording to our requirements and improved working with database by optimizing the requests. Currently, we are developing a mobile app for Android 4.4 — 6.0 devices. SimbirSoft proved to be a well-coordinated team with a high potential of mutually beneficial cooperation, capable of immediate and productive reaction to our wishes and requirements. The tasks were completed according to our request and meeting all the deadlines. I sincerely expect our further cooperation with SimbirSoft on software development to be long and productive.
Sergey, We really enjoyed working with you and really liked the professional behaviour of your company and the people we learned. Good guys and professional work, I wish you and your company the best for the future.
We have been working with the key members of Simbirsoft for nearly ten years, and have successfully completed dozens of projects together. Many of their engineers have worked with our engineers from several other countries, both remotely, and on site in Japan. Simbirsoft has always provided the highest level of engineering, and has been one of our most trusted partners.


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