Оur advantages

82% of our projects are completed within time and budget (time and budget of 18% remaining projects do not go beyond 20%)
  • International professional certification of development, quality and management specialists.
  • Standardized business proccesses inside the company based on CMMI-DEV principles and application of agile development methodologies.
  • Automated metrics which allow to track key parametres of the project in real-time.
  • Independent quality service responses quickly to defections and adopts the best practices of other projects.
  • Application of modern and approved technologies and our own developments.
Initial results during the first month of work
  • At the start of the project our teams are prepared and well coordinated.
  • We go into your subject area and your business goal fast owing to our 350 accomplished projects experience.
  • Readymade tools allow to get the result faster than competitors, as we offer reliable solutions.
  • We have formed start processes and project management.
  • Our employees' motivation system is aimed at the result.
Services enabled at the speed of your business
  • We tend to build long term relationship, that is why the requirements of existing customers are always priority..
  • A well-developed partnership net.
  • We provide a development team during a month.
Technological expertise to accomplish full-stack products
  • Development experts in Java, С++, C#, PHP,Objective-C/Swift, JavaScript, Bitrix
  • Our RnD centre tests new technologies, estimates and implements only the promising ones.
  • Experts in creating cross-platform integration solutions ( we have experience in creating the complex of mobile, desktop and high-loaded web solutions).
  • Our nonstandard problems are solved by the experts from different technological fields.
  • The cloud solutions, software as a service product and big data processing.
Excellent service you feel excited with
  • We choose a project manager and a team according to psychological compatibility between each other and a client.
  • We assume full control over the development process.
  • Our meetings with a client always are at an agreed time.
  • We release modules only after service quality approval.
  • Always ready for discussion.
  • Careful about your requirements and business goals.
  • Speaking in the client language.
  • We use creative and innovative methods of solving nonstandard problems.