SimbirSoft Visited JavaOne ’12 Conference

SimbirSoft Visited JavaOne ’12 Conference

On April 17-18, 2012, the leading specialists of SimbirSoft Java Department, Andrei Morozov and Valentin Fedoskin, took part in the second JavaOne/OracleDevelop conference (

Lecturers from Oracle headquarters opened the conference, talking about their strategic areas of development for the world's #1 programming language, and about how Java's success is thanks to an unwavering drive towards innovation and to optimizing the very foundations of the Java family of technologies. This year's JavaOne program was divided into 4 thematic areas: "Client Technologies and User Experience", "The Basic Java Platform", "Java Enterprise Edition, Web Services, and Cloud Computing", and "Java Micro Edition, Mobile and Plug-In Platforms, and Java Maps".

For SimbirSoft, the most interesting lectures were those on the advantages of Java technology as the primary platform for mobile computing and on using Java tools for creating plug-in systems and for use in various devices. We sincerely believe that taking part in these kinds of specialized events helps our specialists use the platforms abilities to create impressive technologies and applications.

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For projects of any complexity SimbirSoft offers you well-coordinated teams of professionals in the field of developing web systems, mobile applications, and major corporate high-load client-server solutions, as well as in database design and development.

We use cutting-edge programming languages and technologies for your projects, including Java, C++, C# (ASP.NET), PHP, DHTML, Objective-C, and we also develop applications for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone).
Thanks to our effective project management policy, the use of various development methodologies, and our specialists' professional and responsible approach, we guarantee the stable operation and high quality of our software products. 

Published: 19.04.2012

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