SimbirSoft participates in the second session of the MCP Club in Ulyanovsk

SimbirSoft participates in the second session of the MCP Club in Ulyanovsk

The second session of the MCP Club was held May 28 in Ulyanovsk, with the active involvement of SimbirSoft Director of Business Development Oleg Vlasenko and Project Manager Aleksei Polkanov. The session was dedicated to the launch of Microsoft’s new products, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Certified Microsoft specialists and the leading specialists of the region’s IT companies took part in the session.

SimbirSoft specialists prepared a report on the subject of "Using Microsoft technology to execute commercial projects". Oleg Vlasenko discussed aspects of using Microsoft tools to perform a wide range of tasks, including creation of the company’s IT infrastructure. Alexei Polkanov shared his experience from many years of software development using various Microsoft technologies.

In the course of the presentation of Microsoft’s new line, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, the participants were able to become better acquainted with the products and evaluate the advantages they have to offer.

About MCP Clubs

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Clubs can be found today in most regions of Russia. Their establishment promotes the formation of a united community of programmers who use MS technologies, more effective cooperation among IT companies, and creation of the necessary conditions for continuing professional development. Regular MCP Club meetings will help form a professional community to promote the growth and resolve common problems of IT professionals, and to create a platform for informal social interaction.

About SimbirSoft

Founded in 2001, SimbirSoft specializes in delivering flexible IT services and sophisticated software solutions to customers worldwide.

SimbirSoft offers highly-qualified, well-coordinated project teams for Java, C/C++, C#, and PHP development and software testing. Our specialists include internationally certified technology professionals, Ph.D. holders, winners of various competitions, participants of IT exhibitions, and US patent holders. Simbirsoft has delivered dozens of large-scale, complex projects in various industries including Construction, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Navigation Systems, Microelectronics and IT.

Published: 31.05.2010

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