Microsoft Technology Day

Microsoft Technology Day December, 12 2008 Ulyanovsk

On December, 12 our company staff took part in “Microsoft Technology Day” organization in Ulyanovsk State Technical University. It’s one of the biggest events for designers, programmers and all the people interested in IT-technology.

Academic Evangelist from Microsoft Russia, Docent of Moscow Aviation Institute and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dmitry Soshnikov and Director of Business Development of SimbirSoft Ltd., assistant professor of the department of computing science of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Oleg Vlasenko participated in the event. Everyone had a great opportunity of listening to charismatic and thought-provoking reports, feeling the dynamic and participative atmosphere of the community and getting gifts from Microsoft Co.

Dmitry Soshnikov spoke about Microsoft programs for universities. In addition, he introduced the F# functional programming language to the audience.

Oleg Vlasenko, Director of Business Development of SimbirSoft devoted his report to practical application of Microsoft technologies in commercial projects. He told about some of projects accomplished by our company. Oleg gives a detailed consideration to some projects, such as Air (VS6 / VS7, C++, MFC), InvisibleCRM (VS7, C++, WinAPI / WTL) and ACS (VS2005, C# / .NET, DevExpress).

The leader of Ulyanovsk .Net community, Kirill Svyatov, spoke of the international student competition Imagine Cup ’09 (design, photography, program projects) and of opening of the Microsoft IT Academy, a centre of professional education and certification.

The meeting was held thanks to the close partnership of SimbirSoft Ltd. and the Ulyanovsk .NET community of developers, represented by its leader Kirill Svyatov.

SimbirSoft’s  staff hopes to maintain friendly relations with the community and to organize and carry out many other interesting events next year.

Published: 12.12.2008

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