Microsoft Tech Day. Spring 2009

Microsoft Tech Day. Spring 2009 SimbirSoft Ltd developer Alexandr Nikolaev represented our company at "Microsoft Tech Day. Spring-2009" in Ulyanovsk State Technical University on April, 28 2009. It's become a tradition to gather IT-minded students, professors and representatives of different IT companies of our city.

The participants discussed the latest Microsoft technologies, shared their impressions about Imagine Cup 2009, listened to a report on site building based on "1C Bitrix" (Nikolaev Alexsandr, SimbirSoft Ltd.).

After the first report by Kirill Svyatov, the leader of Ulyanovsk .NET Community, the audience  was in high spring spirits. He spoke on creation of user interfaces and made a powerful presentation. Kirll explained briefly and clearly the usability theory, provided all the present participants with useful links and a list of authors whose works on user interfaces are worldwide acknowledged.

Continuing the conference Alexsandr Nikolaev, the developer of SimbirSoft Ltd., took the floor. He shared his experience of creating sites based on 1C Bitrix with the participants. Alexander provided a complete step-by-step instruction starting with choosing the Bitrix version and buying the license and up to uploading the site to the server. The site was created for SimbirSoft Ltd. The previous one was built with static HTML while the new version (at now) is Bitrix based. Thus, SimbirSoft Ltd. now have an opportunity to update the site content promptly and to keep the clients and staff up to date. The speech arose a lot of questions and shaped into a lively discussion.  
The following report was devoted to the international Imagine Cup Contest annually held by  Microsoft. For the first time a team of Ulyanovsk State Technical University took part in it and won the second place in quarterfinals in Nizhnij Novgorod. According to the team members it was  a trial meant to getting to know the specific features of the contest. At the conference the team members spoke of the importance of such contests to all the team members and of the acquired useful experience.  

The review of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 came the last. In the context of his speech Kirill Svjatov revealed its general functionality and dwelt on various ways to use it.  

In future SimbirSoft Ltd. intends participating in the events of the kind. According to Oleg Vlasenko (Director of Business Development), "It's a challenge for both the speakers and the audience. Here everyone can share his ideas and experience and express his point of view. Such conferences forces our brains."

Published: 28.04.2009

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