SimbirSoft at Mini TechDays in Ulyanovsk

SimbirSoft at Mini TechDays in Ulyanovsk December, 4 2008, Ulyanovsk

SimbirSoft’s staff take part in IT events in Ulyanovsk. On December, 4 a group of our developers participated in TechDays’ seminars.

TechDays (formerly known as DevDays) is a seminar series for software developers and IT specialists. Such activities are held in many big Russian cities with the assistance of Intel, Microsoft, Epam, Softline, Softkey and etc.

At the meeting everyone interested in new technologies had a unique opportunity to listen to a Microsoft’s representative Sergey Polyakov (Community Developer Evangelist). His report dealt with the game development with the .NET-based XNA framework and building a corporate portal using Microsoft SharePoint Server. The audience asked him questions about the further development of IT technologies from the point of view of Microsoft, existing technologies and the latest developments.

The representatives of SimbirSoft Ltd. shared their proven first-hand experience of practical application of the theory.  Aleksey Polkanov (a SimbirSoft software engineer) spoke of practical platform and technology application, the difficulties and possible ways to face them. In the report (“.Net Framework and COM technology interaction”) a necessity to use different technologies in complex software/hardware systems was demonstrated. Considering one of SimbirSoft’s project as an example the main principles of .Net Framework and COM technology interaction and the problems emerged during the process were shown. Evidently the problem solutions were also discussed.

After that the subject matter was taken up by another SimbirSoft software engineer, Alexandr Nikolaev. In his report he highlighted the questions connected with debugging of the .NET software application of the peripheral devices taking into account their unavailability. A professional experience of using simulators as an alternative to the real devices was presented. In addition, Alexandr spoke of remote access tools.

The developers consider these events very useful and will undoubtedly take part in other activities of the kind.

Published: 04.12.2008

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