SimbirSoft Took Part in SoftwarePeople ’12 Conference

SimbirSoft Took Part in SoftwarePeople ’12 Conference

On April 10-12, 2012, SimbirSoft leading specialists participated in the SoftwarePeople '12 Fourth International Software Development Conference.

Once again, the conference brought together experts in the software development industry from around the globe. The guest guru was Jeff DeLuca, author of Feature-Driven Development (FDD), one of six recognized Agile methodologies. The chief themes to draw the audience's rapt attention were the human factor, development management, design, and programming. As before, SoftwarePeople went beyond lectures and discussions to become an excellent platform for informal interaction.

"People are the main ingredient in software development, and our projects' success depends on us." Such was the slogan of the human resources segment. The segment included discussion of employee motivation, effective team-structuring methods, resolving complicated management situations, and particularities of IT company time management.

About SimbirSoft

For projects of any complexity SimbirSoft offers you well-coordinated teams of professionals in the field of developing web systems, mobile applications, and major corporate high-load client-server solutions, as well as in database design and development.

We use cutting-edge programming languages and technologies for your projects, including Java, C++, C# (ASP.NET), PHP, DHTML, Objective-C, and we also develop applications for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone).
Thanks to our effective project management policy, the use of various development methodologies, and our specialists' professional and responsible approach, we guarantee the stable operation and high quality of our software products. 

Published: 13.04.2012

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