SimbirSoft visited Sun Tech Days

SimbirSoft visited Sun Tech Days

On April 8-9, SimbirSoft staff visited Sun Tech Days conference, which took place in the “LenExpo” pavilion in Saint-Peterburg. This year the conference has attracted more than 2,000 participants.

SimbirSoft representatives had a chance to listen to the reports on the new technologies and their application in OS Solaris and OpenSolaris, Java application in web development and mobile devices, databases and other. By results of the conference, SimbirSoft participants are planning to introduce reports on the most interesting topics of the conference to the company staff.We firmly believe that the received knowledge will contribute to professional level of our company staff.

About Sun Tech Days conference

More than 10 years, Sun Microsystems company annually holds Sun Tech Days conference and Russia has hosted it for the fifth time. The conference reunites software developers, system administrators, students, University professors and technicians. The event is the most significant in Europe for Java and Solaris societies.

This year more than 40 reports in English were presented during the conference and were transmitted on-line in the Internet. The conference also offered master classes for professionals, demonstrations and discussions on the stands of Sun Microsystems developers and conference sponsors.

About SimbirSoft

Founded in 2001, SimbirSoft specializes in delivering flexible IT services and sophisticated software solutions to customers worldwide.

SimbirSoft offers highly-qualified, well-coordinated project teams for Java, C/C++, C#, and PHP development and software testing. Our specialists include internationally certified technology professionals, Ph.D. holders, winners of various competitions, participants of IT exhibitions, and US patent holders. Simbirsoft has delivered dozens of large-scale, complex projects in various industries including Construction, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Navigation Systems, Microelectronics and IT.

Published: 14.04.2010

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