SimbirSoft receives state accreditation

SimbirSoft receives state accreditation

In compliance with the provision "On state accreditation of companies active in the field of information technology", confirmed by order of the Russian Federal Government on November 6, 2007, SimbirSoft Ltd. has received state accreditation. SimbirSoft’s accreditation was recorded as entry No. 332 in the register of accredited companies on August 11, 2010.

About State Accreditation

The purpose of state accreditation for companies active in the field of information technology is to ensure effective state support of IT enterprises in the Russian Federation, and to monitor development of the IT industry.

About SimbirSoft

Founded in 2001, SimbirSoft specializes in delivering flexible IT services and sophisticated software solutions to customers worldwide.

SimbirSoft offers highly-qualified, well-coordinated project teams for Java, C/C++, C#, and PHP development and software testing. Our specialists include internationally certified technology professionals, Ph.D. holders, winners of various competitions, participants of IT exhibitions, and US patent holders. Simbirsoft has delivered dozens of large-scale, complex projects in various industries including Construction, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Navigation Systems, Microelectronics and IT.

Published: 25.08.2010

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