SimbirSoft takes part in meetings with the Ulyanovsk Oblast Administration

SimbirSoft takes part in meetings with the Ulyanovsk Oblast Administration

In December 2010–Jaunary 2011, SimbirSoft director Sergey Yurkin and assistant director Oleg Vlasenko took part in several events organized by the Ulyanovsk Oblast Administration and the Ministry of Information Technologies. Specifically, these events included the graduation ceremony for the first wave of IT skills-building courses, a meeting of the computerization commission, and a meeting of Ulyanovsk IT companies and active bloggers with Ulyanovsk Oblast's new IT minister.

The meetings covered interactions between the administration and businesses, ways to cooperate, and questions regarding stepping up Olympics efforts, training professional IT staff, and creating a common information space.

About the Ulyanovsk Oblast Ministry of Information Technologies

The ministry's official purpose is state management and implementing state policy regarding the use of information and communication technologies in Ulyanovsk Oblast, creating IT specialist associations in the Ulyanovsk Oblast, popularizing information technologies in the state and private sectors, and helping to implement new information technologies in various economic spheres.

About SimbirSoft

Founded in 2001, SimbirSoft specializes in delivering flexible IT services and sophisticated software solutions to customers worldwide.

SimbirSoft offers highly-qualified, well-coordinated project teams for Java, C/C++, C#, and PHP development and software testing. Our specialists include internationally certified technology professionals, Ph.D. holders, winners of various competitions, participants of IT exhibitions, and US patent holders. Simbirsoft has delivered dozens of large-scale, complex projects in various industries including Construction, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Navigation Systems, Microelectronics and IT.

Published: 24.01.2011

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