SimbirSoft Sponsors "Volga IT 2011" Contest in Ulyanovsk

SimbirSoft Sponsors "Volga IT 2011" Contest in Ulyanovsk

On November 26, 2011, with the support of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Administration, the City Student Council, and the city's leading IT companies, the Fourth Volga IT Contest for college and graduate students, "Volga IT 2011", was concluded in Ulyanovks.

This is the second year running that SimbirSoft has helped to organize and sponsor the Application Programming category. This year, vice director Oleg Vlasenko was also named Presiding Judge at the Contest.

148 college and graduate students of IT from the whole Volga territory gathered to compete in six categories: the traditional categories of Web Design, Algorithmic Programming, Internet Programming, Application Programming, Telecommunications Technologies and Information Security, and an all-new category – Internet Marketing.

We're proud that our co-worker Vladimir Zhilyakov took first prize in the Algorithmic Programming category, demonstrating yet again the professional skill of SimbirSoft's employees! We also heartily congratulate the winners in all categories on their victories, and wish them success as they go on to improve their knowledge and skills in the IT sphere.

SimbirSoft believes that holding these events help create a personnel reserve for IT companies, and increases the IT industry's attraction and the prestige of working as an IT specialist.

About the Volga IT Contest

The "Volga IT" information technology contest was established in 2006 on the initiative of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Administration. The event is organized and held with the help of the Ulyanovsk "City Student Council" social youth organization, the Ulyanovsk State University, and the city's leading IT companies. Participants have the chance to enter competitions developed jointly with representatives of business interests and educational institutions. The Contest' goal is to discover enterprising and talented young people, and to create a personnel reserve of young specialists for Russia's IT enterprises. 

Published: 26.11.2011

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