SimbirSoft at "CEE-SECR 2014"

SimbirSoft at "CEE-SECR 2014" We came back from the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe CEE-SECR 2014. At conference we met experts and attended lots of good reports. But the more important point is that we were experts themselves!

Oleg Vlasenko and Alexey Florinsky reported in the section "Human capital & education". And Dmitry Peterson was a speaker in section "Mobile and cross platform apps development".

Our reports had a enthusiastic reception, audience was very interested, people asked many questions. There were not enough sits there for all people coming to hear us.

“My report drawed so much attention. There were more than 100 people there. I didn`t expect that. So, my theme was very urgent” Oleg Vlasenko

“Report was about technical tricks based on practical experience. There were listeners from new come startupper to experienced developers.” Dmitry Peterson

To find out more about SimbirSoft`s colleagues reports and presentations:
Oleg Vlasenko (Deputy Director in SimbirSoft) "How to find programmers in such place which their had been searching, but not been found"

Alexey Florinsky (Head of Web Development department in SimbirSoft) "How to Create a Company Knowledge Base for Novices"

Dmitry Peterson (Deputy Director of operating management in SimbirSoft) "Bases in the development of geolocation applications"

Published: 28.10.2014

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