They ask right questions to get right answers

They ask right questions to get right answers Do you have any idea who “they” are? These are Analysts. Today we would like to speak about the role of IT-Analysts in a software lifecycle.

If you have an idea of your own mobile or web application this is an analyst who can form a detailed requirement specification, clear for you and developers.

How do analysts work?
Analysts gather initial requirements, analyze, describe the logics and business process, work out a graphic prototype. This means you will be able to fancy how your future software works before development. In case new ideas cross your mind or you wish to make changes there is nothing easy for the analyst to do.

Have you heard the analytics to save up your software development budget? It is known software development without Technical Specification is by apr. 40% more expensive owing to “rectifications’ during the process.

Can I do without analytics?
Analytics guarantees that the software development product totally meets your needs and expectations.

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Published: 16.07.2013

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