Today's mobile trends: geo applilcations

Today's mobile trends: geo applilcations Geolocation services is one of the most groundbreaking trends in mobile applications development. The following market segment has already influenced the whole information infrastructure, as well as the nowadays customer behaviour.
Geolocation apps are actively utilized in social networking, hiking, and also in such spheres like logistics, dispatch control, marketing and many others.
SimbirSoft specialists have a strong technological background, as well as their own development practices in creating location-based applications. The company portfolio contains a wide range of applications, including apps for drivers and hitchhikers, location-based audio guides, apps for monitoring benefits and discounts while shopping, apps for finding your relatives using the interactive map, and many other apps which is only a small part of the apps developed by SimbirSoft.
Geo services and applications is a breakthrough tool to increase sales and promote your product or service.
Follow the trend and order your own geolocation mobile application development!

Published: 06.06.2014

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