Our business processes

Cooperation with clients.

Our process of work is clear and predictable for you. While in the development process we demonstrate intermediate versions of the software product using testing platforms that imitate real conditions. A dedicated manager for each project provides all necessary information on your project.

Effective development.

We develop software architecture using a component approach. We have a common standard of development that allows us to minimize time on the project. Due to Continuous integration(CI) approach the distribution, testing and installation processes are automated.

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Independent service quality department.

Service quality department is set up to monitor the execution of SimbirSoft internal business processes, promote best-practice cases within the company and check the quality of launching software products. QA department performs all necessary testing procedures at all software product lifecycle stages, from preliminary use cases to the software release.

Processes automation and metrics.

SimbirSoft business processes are based on CMMI-DEV 1.3 standard. All projects developed in the company are analyzed daily by different metrics (timeline, quality, budget, development team effectiveness) so that the project is under constant control.

Some examples of automated metrics:

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