Development process

Sprint 1
  • Backlog
  • Prototype
Sprint 2
Sprint 3 ...
Sprint n
Warranty period
Technical support

Preliminary estimation

We make a detailed estimation of the project by UCP methodology, expert assessment "by analogy" and PERT using labor hours. So, you receive a clear idea of the project budget and project realization concept.

Sprint 1

At the stage of analytics, our analysts help you create the concept of a software product, formulate or refine the requirement specification (backlog), draw up a prototype of the software product, make usable user interfaces followed by testing on focus groups. The majority of technological risks are eliminated at this stage. The experts choose the best technological stack for the project realization. You have a detailed requirement specification, plan of project realization its architecture and the budget.

Sprint 2

Project development process is split into sprints, lasting from 2 to 4 weeks. According to the priority, the tasks from the backlog are realized. At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate the result of the sprint. You can easily change priorities or requirements to the software after the demonstration.

Sprint 3

Each sprint ends with a well-tested version of the software which contains functionality from previous sprints and new features from the current sprint. You can attract real users at intermediate demonstrations.

Sprint N

Thanks to intermediate demonstrations, where you can see the progress of the software development, the acceptance and the implementation of the software goes quickly.

Warranty period

During a warranty period we fix the possible defects of the developed software.

Software product support

We can take over your software code support function and continue its extension.