Pricing Models

SimbirSoft offers several approaches for collaborating on your projects. The criteria for selecting your preferred approach and payment method are described below.

Time & Material

The Time & Materials approach is used for projects with a high degree of ambiguity, and when changes are going to be made in the course of development. During work on the project SimbirSoft specialists send you detailed reports on time spent and tasks completed, so you can be confident that work is progressing efficiently and cost-­effectively. Under the Time & Materials approach, the cost is calculated based on the number of hours worked in a given period (for example, one calendar month) and the specialist’s hourly rate. Payment is made after submission of work completed over a predetermined period (for example, one calendar month).

  • for project without technical task
  • phased development
  • payment is made after completed period

Limited Time & Material

Under the Limited Time & Materials approach, the project manager sends a work plan each week for your approval, specifying the expected outcome and amount of work for the week. This approach is suitable for projects with medium detail, when there are only general specifications for the project. This approach has the advantage of predictability and flexibility, as any changes can be easily made to the project design.

The cost of work under the Limited Time & Materials approach is calculated based on the number of hours worked and the specialist’s hourly rate. Hours to be worked are agreed upon weekly; however, for mutual convenience, payment is made at the end of the calendar month.

  • flexible approach
  • cost and timeframe of each period
  • payment is made after completed period