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Alexander Klepin

SKB-Lab expresses its sincere gratitude to the SimbirSoft team for the help provided during development of the SKB-Online project for small enterprises. Thanks to our collaboration with SimbirSoft, we accomplish an ambitious goal and developed an internet bank in 100 days, which ranked number 4 of the best 2017 products according to Markswebb Rank&Report.
We are very pleased that from the very beginning of our collaboration SimbirSoft became our trusted partner, that can lend a shoulder and save the day if any issue occurs. Having started with a small modification, now they are providing front-end, mobile (iOS and Android) and testing dedicated centers for us. We are pleasantly surprised that SimbirSoft has accumulated expertise for solving various development tasks and if the question arises, we always know that our partner has a solution.
During our collaboration we made sure that the right choice was made: highly qualified specialists, the quality of development, aspiration to build optimal processes, open management, transparent accounting, quick response to emerging issues – these are things we appreciate SimbirSoft for.
We also would like to highlight care Simbirsoft takes while providing services: every specialist involved in a project doesn't just share our values , but aims to contribute to the project improvement. SimbirSoft clearly cares about what it does.

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E. Pukha
Abby Language Services project manager

We started cooperation with SimbirSoft in 2014 with one front-end developer. Literally for a month we were sure of high qualification and expanded cooperation, involving  additional specialists to other web-projects, and later they used their expertise in the development of mobile applications.
During the year the SimbirSoft team showed a very high level of front-end development and mobile development, as well as high-quality service. Thanks to their participation, we realized 6 large and important projects for our company. It should be noted that during the time of collaborative work, interaction was established between the project managers of ABBYY LS and SimbirSoft, and between the developers, which had a productive impact on the communication process, the level of mutual understanding and the overall vision of the projects.
All managers who set tasks for SimbirSoft developers are provided with full reporting on completed tasks and time spent. Orderly reporting ensures compliance with project deadlines and budgets and monitors project implementation online.
Undoubtedly, SimbirSoft is a company that can be recommended for long-term partnership in software development.

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DOM.RU project manager

We have chosen SimbirSoft to implement our Android and iOS applications, which allow viewing TV channels, TV programs archives, movies from mobile phone / tablet screens at any time, anywhere.
SimbirSoft team successfully joined the project in a short time. We like that all the team members show initiative and high interest in creating a popular and high-quality product.
We appreciate interesting ideas on the development of our service and a detailed approach of specialists. And the dedicated manager always promptly solves any questions and provides the necessary information.
It is also worth noting that, with a forced replacement for the holiday period, SimbirSoft was able to provide a specialist with equal qualifications and maintained the work pace.
Swift specialists involvement in the essence of the project and technical details, ensuring a high level of development, proves SimbirSoft's extensive experience in developing unique software products.
We are glad to continue cooperation with SimbirSoft.

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A. Protopopov
Qiwi administration manager

Over the past 3 months we have been tightly collaborating with SimbirSoft while developing a website for the charity project “{Vsem”.
SimbirSoft team kindly took into account all our suggestions on the workflow. The development team showed us the current version of the project weekly, which allowed us to follow the progress and make course corrections in time. And collaborative planning and agility in task solution during the development process let us achieve our set goals.
Additionally, I would like to underscore the interest of the team in the result. Our colleagues from SimbirSoft developed the features according to our requirements, but also approached the process in a very responsible way: they suggested alternative implementation options within given time and budget. Flexibility, agility and willingness to do business are the qualities of SimbirSoft.
Now we have a new collaborative project and we are sure we will have effective cooperation and a quality result.

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Y. Andreeva
Action MCFER project manager

Action has  been working with SimbirSoft long and fruitfully . During the years of cooperation, several dozen web applications were implemented. Knowing that SimbirSoft specialists are highly qualified in the development of solutions based on Bitrix, in 2015 we asked them to develop an application for our dealers. This was a very important project for us, as we planned its presentation for the Annual Partnership Congress.
SimbirSoft specialists quickly analyzed and prepared a detailed plan for the entire project, began to implement and demonstrated the finished frame in the first weeks of work. Thanks to the detailed analysis that preceded each stage of development, we, as customers, perfectly understood what result to expect at the end of each stage. This certainty made us very happy.
As a result, the project was implemented in the planned time and budget, and at its presentation we received a lot of positive feedback.
We plan to continue the development of the project and the implementation of new ideas with SimbirSoft specialists.

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