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Matveev Nikolai
General Director

In order to realize our ambitious tasks, we were looking for a big team of C++ specialists and in 2016 SimbirSoft provided us with what we were looking for.
It is worth mentioning that we pay a lot of attention to the level of expertise when it comes to choosing specialists, that is why we had several interviews with SimbirSoft team members. This is when we understood that this is exactly what we have been looking for. As it has been mentioned before, we needed a big C++ team, and that is hard to find. We were very excited and relieved when we found out that SimbirSoft had a huge expertise in that regard. We started off with a C++ team, then we extended our cooperation with involvement of front-end, QA and mobile development specialists to create a mobile app, which will allow us to get another business advantage.
Our project is a complicated system that is based on microservices. It allows us to easily develop and add new functionality, maintain the adequate level of integrity and performance. The most important goal for us was to develop a user-friendly web-platform as well as a mobile application for both iOS and Android.
Looking back, we can say that SimbirSoft helped us greatly achieve all the goals we had set for ourselves.
We would like to wish SimbirSoft the best of luck!

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V. Gusakov
SmartCAT technical director and co-owner

We are very pleased to develop SmartCat in cooperation with SimbirSoft! 
SmartCat is a platform for translation automation. This project means a lot to us, and we pay great attention to its development. SmartCat has been successfully implemented with SimbirSoft help. To be more specific - we passed investment round A, and won a grant from Skolkovo in 2016. Good work!
We appreciate the flexible development and ability to implement the best user experience through the use of modern technologies. Our company keeps pace with the latest trends in the software development worldwide and, fortunately, the SimbirSoft team shares our values ​​and helps us to realize them. Together we used Polymer for our project, and we were the first to do it in Russia! Despite the fact that we finally stopped with React JS, we were able to try different approaches and choose the most suitable ones, not just the familiar technologies.
So, why is SimbirSoft better than the others? I would say experience and good organization. Highly qualified front-end specialists helped us to introduce the best tools and practices in SmartCat. We just relied on their experience and got brilliant results.
Project management is just another strength of SimbirSoft.

Honestly, we have never used outsourcing before. We thought it was ineffective before SimbirSoft dispelled our suspicions. We just sent the task and got the result we expected.
Many thanks to the SimbirSoft team. We plan to work together on other collaborative projects!

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DKS Lanit head of testing, department of system analysis and testing

I want to express my gratitude to SimbirSoft, which collaborated with us for developing one of the largest recent Russian IT projects to create an information system to manage housing and communal services. For two years we worked with a dedicated testing team from your company, whose specialists took an active part in the system's testing, implementation and further support. The created resource will play a huge role in the development of the housing and communal services of the country, uniting citizens, authorities and various organizations in a single information space, facilitating their interaction. Thanks to the SimbirSoft testing team participation in the project, it was delivered on time. Separately, I would like to note the lead tester Y.Padyanova, who not only selflessly participated in the task verification, but also engaged in the formation and optimization of processes on the project, led the team and trained newcomers. SimbirSoft employees perfectly coped with their part of the work. We are pleased with both your company's contribution to the project’s success and the human relationships that have developed between our companies during our collaboration.

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