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R. Zakirov
Urlit technical expert

It is not the first project we are developing in collaboration with the SimbirSoft team w. I want to note that it is pleasant to continue cooperation with competent, responsible and benevolent professionals. I am pleased with the IT products that we receive as a result of the development.

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Luba Hornung
ICL Systems, IT manager

We had a great experience working with you guys.

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R. Arifullin
LiteBox CEO

We have a very impressive experience with SimbirSoft, who developed a mobile application for the automation of sales outlets for us.
The overall contribution of the team and their concern for achieving business goals through a mobile application allowed us to get a result that fully meets our requirements. Analysts and developers have a lot of experience in developing mobile applications, they offered us the best ways to improve the application logic and increase its performance.
Particular attention should be paid to the quality engineers’ contribution. QA specialists responsibly approached the issue the application’s usability, so that the users' work with the application was simple and convenient. Thanks to various testing methods and attention to detail, all releases were smooth and our users were satisfied with the application.
We thank the team for the well-built workflow and the result.

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V. Palagutin
Tenderlot CEO

We chose SimbirSoft to implement an ambitious project, a Web portal. Even before the start of the project, we got to know the development team personally and discussed the project implementation plan.
The team thoroughly studied the subject area and at the end of the first month we were sure of the specialist’s high qualification, since the guys exceeded expectations and completed even more than planned.
Before each stage, analysts work through the tasks in detail, which gives a clear understanding of what the outcome is going to be.
Now we are successfully continuing the implementation of our project and plan to develop new ideas with SimbirSoft.

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N. Shatunov
Caesar Satellite team lead

When Caesar Satellite needed to redesign our mobile application and add new functionality, we turned to SimbirSoft.
In the course of work, we enjoyed the willingness of the team to discuss changes in the priorities of actions and the timing breakdown within the parts of the common task by our request. Despite the complexity, SimbirSoft quickly reacted and continued working on the project in the same mode.
Realizing that the work on the design and concept of the application requires the constant interaction of all participants, SimbirSoft immediately gave us the opportunity to communicate with a specialist directly, and not only through the project manager. This allowed us to communicate quickly and flexibly to solve issues.
We recommend SimbirSoft to companies that are looking for a reliable and flexible IT partner for solving issues in software development and design.

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