Alexey Florinsky is Appointed as New CEO of SimbirSoft

Alexey Florinsky is Appointed as New CEO of SimbirSoft


Dear customers, guests and IT-enthusiasts,

SimbirSoft’s co-founder Alexey Florinsky, has been appointed as new CEO of the company. Alexey previously held the position of Deputy General Director of SimbirSoft.

аccording to the decision of the founders of the SimbirSoft, Alexey Florinsky replaced Ilya Kashtankin who had led the company for the last 6 years.

Alexey Florinsky lives and works in Ulyanovsk. He has a degree in the field of information systems and technologies from Ulyanovsk State University. He has been working with the company since 2001.

In 2005, Alexey Florinsky, led the boxed web products creation project – a system that provides a rapid deployment of an online store. In 2011, he was appointed as the Head of the company's Web Department. The main responsibilities were: to expand and develop the Department, to train specialists and create conditions for their professional growth, to introduce new methods and technologies to create new software.

In 2016, Alexey was appointed as Deputy General Director. Alexey Florinsky is an expert in the development of FinTech solutions; he is a frequent guest and speaker at Russian and international conferences such as iFin, FinNEXT, RIF, Skolkovo, SECR, STACHKA, RIT ++, and more.

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