How we work

SimbirSoft is a custom software development company known among IT companies for its high quality services and capability to find IT solutions to every client’s challenges.

We have been delivering software development services since 2001. In our work we use modern and effective programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C as well as making mobile applications for Android OS and iOS.

Setting up professional R&D and ODC centers, we create dedicated development teams to address your business needs or develop a software product from the preliminary research to implementation and support.

Dedicated development center

A dedicated development center can quickly become a remote IT department of your company which may include analysts, designers, software developers, QA engineers and project managers. You will receive a team of IT professionals gathered to specifically fit in with your business needs.

  • Coordinated team right from the beginning of the project.
  • We take into account not only the technical requirements needed for the particular project but also psychological characteristics of the team members and the client.
  • Established communication process allows you to keep in touch with the remote team.
  • You economize time and money on HR management and expertise acquisition.
  • Well-built process of quality assessment as well as data and security protection systems.
Software product development

Analytics play an important role prior to development. At this stage the analyst researches your software product idea and its purpose, your company business-processes, potential competitors, and generates a plan to optimize your software result.

The development process is conducted by Agile methodologies. This is beneficial as you can periodically see the intermediate results of the software being developed and easily suggest any changes.

For more details: development process

Have an idea or a requirement specification?
Outsource your software development!
  • Experienced developers and project managers
  • Expertise in high-tech software development
  • The most cutting-edge technologies
SimbirSoft benefits
  • Agile methodologies allow to make changes to the project during software development process
  • Demonstrations of intermediate software results
  • Confidential information protection
  • Result-oriented approach to solve your business needs

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