Usability is an overall concept of interface convenience, logicality and simplicity of the controls, harmony and relevance of graphics and colors. In short, usability is the simplicity and ease in use of anything.

You can always order the usability service in SimbirSoft. Usability specialists will conduct an audit of usability online store; analyze usability of products and services, usability audit of mobile applications. We also offer services for the prototype and graphic design development with the principles of usability.

Usability analytics, interface design

While designing interfaces for applications SimbirSoft; specialists explore the needs, psychological and behavioral characteristics of the target audience of the future application. Based on canons of design and usability testing of a prototype interface on experts and / or focus groups, our experts will design a comfortable, attractive solution that will blend the uniqueness of the application and user.

It is worth remembering that the usability of a site is primarily aimed at commercial success. A site developed to meet the rules of usability is better perceived by users and has an increased time spent on the site with a much higher percentage of conversion.

Usability design

The color scheme corresponding to the objectives of the product and the target audience, a comfortable mix of colors - these are some of the principles of usability design.

Based on the results of the competitive analysis usability designer tests results on focus groups or experts, as well as applies best practice.

Usability design is another important step towards the success of the product, as it creates the very first impression on the user.

Usability audit of the site or application

A usability audit provides a deep dive of our usability experts in the analysis of your site / application problems:

  • website visiting and application usage analysis;
  • check-list analysis;
  • usability testing results of the focus groups and / or experts, SimbirSoft usability experts' experience (SimbirSoft experience).

The results of the usability audit is a report used to generate improvment solutions for your website or application.

Usability Testing

Any product that we design and develop is aimed at specific users, and ultimately only they can give it an independent, final evaluation.

Usability testing evaluates the readiness of the user interface and its prototype, for convenience and ease of use by the client's target audience.

Usability testing can be done in several ways:

  • focus groups
  • qualitative and quantitative testing
  • analysis of a check-list of admitted rules of usability

If you wish for your software to be effective, order the usability service from SimbirSoft».

Usability is important because it has a direct influence on:

  • sales and conversion
  • customer loyalty
  • effective communication
  • workflow

Have an idea or a requirement specification?
Usability analytics
  • Research of the target audience’s behavior
  • Design and testing of a prototype interface on focus groups
Usability design
  • Color grade
  • Color scheme
  • Font scheme
Usability audit
  • Analysis of site / application problems
  • Match to usability standards
  • Report on improvements
Usability Testing
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative and quantitative testing
  • Testing by standard

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