Employee management system

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Multifunctional employee management system: headhunting, employment, adaptation, motivation, career growth, training and development. HR managers place vacancies and receive feedback right in the system. It is integrated with headhunting resources: HH.ru, Superjobs, Mail.ru, etc. Job seekers can also download test tasks here. In the "Adaptation" section you can see what tasks a new employee performs and how successful is his performance. "Employees" section contains the main info about specialists: name, contacts, skills and experience, CVs, achievements, motivation, performance review. The system also fills out schedules of vacations and training. Managers also have access to general mood tracking section and metrics.

The employee management system is created for companies with 100 up to 1000 employees.

Project in figures

  • 2 years product development
  • 7 developers, 4 QA, 2 analysts, 1 usability, 1 product manager, 1 project manager
  • 383 users of the system


Development: Java 7, JavaEE 7, JSF, PicketLink, Wildfly 8, PostgreSQL 9.3

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