Modernize the existing system

Upgrading the existing system

We will finish the development or transfer your software to cutting-edge technologies, keeping working capacity during modernization time, so you won’t lose any customers

We are improving IT systems so that they continue being useful. To date, our teams have moved 33 products from obsolete platforms to modern languages ​​and tools.

Upgrading the system is for you if your software is outdated does not yield to further development, works slowly and with errors, does not give proper conversion.

We can help you with

Transfering your software to cutting-edge technologies
If the system is written on obsolete technologies, it is more difficult to develop and provide security. We will compose the plan and implement the gradual updating of existing software, taking into account the importance of maintaining efficiency for modernization time.
Updating UI/UX of the system
No matter how beautiful the design is, it should be convenient and understandable to users. We will check usability on your target audience and help make a product convenient for them. We will develop beautiful and convenient interfaces that attract and retain customers.
Auditing the system
We will act as independent experts and assess the state of the system, its architecture and infrastructure. We will analyze and investigate the finished product and offer a list of improvements to make the software as convenient and reliable as possible, including the security part.
Developing the existing system
Any system should be scalable. We will develop new features and make it fit well with the existing system. If new functions were not originally intended, we will work out new business logic, architecture and interface.

How we modernize

Study and test your system from the technical point of view
Analyze the existing system against business processes
Make a plan for a phased system upgrade
Begin developing and gradually introduce new features to the system
Oleg Vlasenko Deputy director
Oleg Vlasenko
Deputy director

“Information technology in the modern world is an integral part of any business. By relying on the outdated software, you can deprive your business of the opportunity to bring more profit and be in demand. The more successful the company is, the more actively it uses the achievements of the modern IT industry. Our vast expertise and proactive ideas do good to your software”.

What you get

The system that functions accordingly and can be further developed
Reports on on the audit results of the "old" system
Visually-engaging and well-considered product appearance
Exclusive rights to upgraded software

For our client’s convenience we offer time and material cooperation approach.

GehtSoft USA LLC
Elizaveta Gekht
Product Manager, GehtSoft USA LLC

“SimbirSoft team managed to get into the subject area required: extension of the team due to specifics of our project or implementation of our immediate ideas the team was prompt enough to keep the promised timelines”.

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