Website and Corporate Portal Development

User-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions

We will create a fast and user-friendly website with a responsive design for you and your clients that is reliable and stable in its operation. A well-thought-out website structure and skillful UX design will help you increase conversion rates and sales, facilitate communication with your audience, and have a positive impact on your company's image.

For your employees, we will develop a corporate portal that simplifies and automates routine tasks, making the work of each specialist convenient and transparent.

With 20 years of experience in the market, we have developed websites and corporate portals for companies in banking, fintech, healthcare, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and more.

What you will get

The ideal solution

We examine your request and analyze your business sector. We select a solution tailored to your needs and addressing your business challenges. We do not offer the development of complex custom products or additional work beyond the scope of the technical specifications, unless it is necessary for your project. Our aim is to deliver quality without inflating the cost.

Efficiency and safety

We take into account the maximum possible load on your website or portal during development. We ensure data safety and prevent unauthorized access while providing protection against vulnerabilities and attacks.

A team of experts

We value professionalism, quality, and speed, so all SimbirSoft specialists are highly qualified. All of our 1,400+ employees are on staff — this helps us to promptly assign specialists with the necessary skill set to your project.


We adhere to the principle of transparent communications. We provide access to a demo environment from the start of the project and always remain in touch with you. You are aware of all iterations and improvements and have visibility into and control over the development process.


We will give you all artifacts: source code, TOR and documentation, prototypes, design layouts, testing reports.


We develop according to a clear and understandable structure and write clean code, which makes it easy for you to make future system changes.

Collaboration options

We will develop a turnkey website and corporate portal or strengthen your team with our expertise at the right stage. For instance, if you already have your own developers and project management resources, we can collaborate by getting involved in design, analytics, or product testing.

— Website development from scratch

Website development from scratch Website development from scratch Website development from scratch

— Website improvement

Website improvement Website improvement Website improvement

— Corporate portal development

A corporate portal will help you create an ecosystem within your company, bringing employees together, simplifying communication, and making the work of specialists more transparent.

Corporate portal development Corporate portal development Corporate portal development
Providing support whenever needed. We ensure the availability and functionality of your website, service, or corporate portal. Adapting flexibly to your requirements and conditions.


JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, LESS/SASS/SCSS
Libraries and frameworks
Angular 5 – 12, (NgRx), React (Redux, MobX, Next.js), VueJS (Vuex, Nuxt.js), NodeJS (Express), React Native, GraphQL (Apollo)
Kotlin, Java, Rx, Coroutines
Swift, Objective-C, Rx
Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
SmartWatch, SmartTV, Online Checkout, Phone, Tablet
Symfony, Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, Zend, Codeigniter, Slim, Lumen
CMS & Platforms
Bitrix, OpenCart, WooCommerce (WordPress), Drupal Commerce, Modx, OROPlatform
Programming languages
Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala
Spring (Core, MVC, Security, Data, Batch, Boot, AOP, Integration, Cloud), Hibernate
JavaFX, Swing
Frontend (Fullstack)
HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache Tiles, JSTL, Thymeleaf
LifeRay, Magnolia, Alfresco
Cloud technologies
Kubernetes, OpenShift, Spring Cloud, SSO, AWS Lambda, Reactive Streams, UML
Django, Flask, aiohttp, Pandas
Hardware management, system utilities, low-level development, monolith, microservices, desktop applications
С++ 98, С++ 11, С++ 14, C++ 17
OpenCV, Boost, Google Glog, Google Test, QT, Chromium Embedded Framework
XSLT, MFC, Direct 3D, QML
Web, backend
WinForms, WPF, UWP, Avalonia
Data management
ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Dapper, NHibernate
Frontend (Fullstack)
Razor, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Angular, React
Cloud technologies
Azure, ServiceFabric, Cosmos DB, SSRS
Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint
Docker, Docker Compose
Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS 2.0 (nats-streaming)
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Consul, MongoDB
Go-micro, gorilla web toolkit, chi, goconvey, mockery, golang-migrate, sqlx, uber-go, logrus
LDAP, JWT, Custom token
Assembly systems
Dependency systems
Go modules, Dep, Vendoring
Service Discovery
Consul, Kubernetes
ERP, Complex automation, Enterprise accounting, Trade management, Salary and personnel management, etc
Integration options
Warehouses, production, retail, sales, financial departments, personnel management
Comprehensive testing of web, desktop and mobile applications. End-to-end testing, API testing, integration testing
Test documentation
Creating checklists, test cases, test plans using test design techniques
Audit and control
Audit of the application and processes. Quality control at all stages of application development
Web application testing
DevTools, Git, Jaeger, Rancher, Kubernetes, Redis, Curl
Mobile application testing
Android Studio, X-code, Fiddler, Charles, Crashlytics, iTools, Fabric, iFunBox, Fake GPS, Flurry, Google Analytics, Firebase Crash Reporting
Web front
Selenium, Java — JUnit, TestNG, Selenide, Selenoid, Python — RobotFramework, Pytest, Behave, JS — Jasmine, Protractor, C# – Nunit
Espresso, Appium, XCTest
Java — RestAssured, Python — Requests, RobotFramework
Ranorex, TestComplete, Winium
Stress testing
Jmeter, YandexTank, Gatling
Identification and analysis of requirements
Product concept and vision development, Customer Development
Description of business processes and user scenarios
UML, BPMN, IDEF0, EPC, Use Cases, User Stories
Architecture and databases
Development of logical models, ERD, SQL queries, non-relational databases
Web and mobile, adaptive prototyping, UI design
Terms of reference and documentation
TOR, specifications
UI/UX requirements examination
UI/UX audit (analysis of ratings and reviews, competitive analysis, user interviews, FG testing, questionnaires, user behavior analysis), UX design (characters, Customer Journey Map), A/B testing
Web analytics
Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika
Altova, Aris Express, Axure RP Pro, Balsamiq, Bizagi, Business Studio, Cawemo, Confluence,, Enterprise Architect, Figma, FlairBuilder, Help-desk, JetBrains, Jira, JustInMind, lucidchart, Marvel, Microsoft Visio, MS SharePoint, Oxygen, pgAdmin, Photoshop, Pidoco, PowerDesigner, SQLite, Visual Paradigm, Web Sequence Diagrams
Bare metal, AWS, Azure, DO, Proxmox, VMware
Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant
Gitlab, Jenkins, Teamcity
Docker, Kubernetes
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
Kafka, RabbitMQ
VPN, firewalls, Load balancers
Zabbix, Prometheus, ELK
Troubleshooting, audit, Linux
Predictive analytics, text processing (NLP), Computer vision, Resume and image processing, anomaly detection
Tools for building models and algorithms
PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, MxNet, Scikit-Learn, OpenCV, OpenVINO, DialogFlow
Data preparation tools
SQL, Spark, Pandas
Infrastructure Tools
AWS (SNS, SQS, Kafka, Lambda, EC2, EMR, ELB, ASG, Kinesis, CloudWatch, S3, RDS, CloudFormation, etc), Terraform, Chef, HopsWorks, ELK, Grafana, Sumo Logic, New Relic
Organization and design
Miro, Figma, Sketch
Post-production of an image, photo retouching and collage making
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom
Animation and video editing
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro
3D modeling and illustration
Cinema 4D, Blender, Adobe Illustrator
No-code website builders
Tilda Publishing, Readymag
Sovcombank Leasing: Website and Financial Calculator Optimization
Business Cases
Our client was looking for a contractor to develop a multifunctional portal for translators and customers. To meet the deadlines, together with the client, we chose the most critical functions and technology stack with Nuxt.js (Vue), Vue Router, Vuex, Element-UI, PHP, and Symfony and assigned relevant professionals, including frontend, backend, QA, project management, and DevOps specialists.

Creating a multifunctional portal enabled our client to enhance its user-friendliness for their translators and customers by offering them the following features:
  • Ordering and managing translation services. Customers can track task progress, provide access to multiple users, and assign roles.
  • A bidding system to select projects based on budget, vendor rating, or skills. The user can place orders, both open-access and private, with the latter only available to vendors with job invitations.
  • Invoicing and payment via an integrated payment system (Stripe, PayPal).
  • Profit calculation. A built-in calculator helps analyze profits from projects and calculate a net price and commission fee as soon as the order has been placed.
  • Service level agreement (SLA). Vendors can apply standard service terms without additional costs for each project. They can also upload their own SLA and set up a cancellation policy. A contract is concluded automatically when a service is ordered, which protects the interests of both parties.
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Sovcombank Leasing: Website and Financial Calculator Optimization
In 2020, the customer chose us to update the Sovcombank Leasing website for a growing flow of customers.

The key project areas were identified:
  • website redesign with preliminary analysis of customer needs;
  • development of new functions of the website and administrative panel;
  • refactoring of the leasing calculator and switching to another language for convenient support.
It was important for the leasing company to ensure continuous availability of the website even when the load was high. To do this, we developed several implementation options based on the requirements of the security service and chose the best method together with the Customer.

The existing calculator had to be transferred to PHP. This language was chosen to speed up development, as well as because of its popularity and a large community of experts. As a result, the calculator will be easy to support and update in the future.

The service included not only calculations, but also the interaction with 1C, as well as the processing of incoming requests from internal bank systems. For ease of integration with 1C, we implemented a compact module using php SoapClient.

We built versioning into the calculator to be able to recalculate data for old requests even after the subsequent change of formulas.
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"We integrated Bitrix24 into our operations more than 7 years ago and continue to use it. Since then, we have become certified partners of the company and launched numerous products on Bitrix24. These include online stores, applications for automating employee tasks, and integrating with the company's CRM system."
Svetlana Kuznetsova
Head of Web at SimbirSoft
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