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Mobile Bank for Individuals

  • Java
  • Banks and finance

We have developed a new Rosbank mobile app for individuals. The previous remote banking service was a White Label IT solution and had limited functions. Users of the app had problems with the access. Updates were released rarely only through the vendor.

Project in figures

  • 50 specialists in the project team
  • 10 months of development
  • 1000+ downloads during the first month

Our task was to develop a modern remote banking service: a safe, fast, and stable financial space with new features and a fine design. At the same time, it was important for our client to manage all the processes and to get the expertise.

Working together with the in-house team, we designed a mobile app for iOS and Android, and developed a new backend using microservice architecture. We have also improved the multiple versions support, made the app faster and more stable, and reduced the load on internal banking resources.

The new app provides simplified authorization, money transfer through Faster Payments System and a transaction history. Users can also pay for various services, search for taxes and fines, observe the financial condition of their accounts and cards, as well as hide them for safer use in public places.

The Rosbank EVO beta version was released in April 2020. The app is already available for users. By the end of 2020, the app will become the main one for Rosbank. It is constantly being updated with new features becoming more and more stable and convenient to use.

“We had an important task: to create a new remote banking service, redevelop both the mobile app and the entire backend. We focused on 4 key points: customers, speed, stability, and compliance of the app with the bank's new business strategy. So, we redesigned the processes, implemented new research, and tried new product development to achieve our goals. The result is brilliant: now we have a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform that will be improved along with the bank and its customers development”
Alexey Borodkin, Rosbank Evo Product Leader


Java 11, Spring Cloud microservice architecture, OpenShift, Kafka, Hibernate, PostgreSQL.

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