If your product is not complete or does not work, there is no source code or documentation; if the release is very soon, and you have nothing to show, we will help to release the working product. We have already saved more than 30 systems.

«Rescuing» the product is for you if the your product does not work accordingly or functions incorrectly after the previous team did not deliver what you wanted.

We can help you with

Restoring the availability of the system
It happens that after unprofessional development the product is left in pieces. Not every team will be ready to fix such software, for success requires special skills of technical specialists. We will help you recover not only the current version of your product, but also ensure regular releases of new versions.
Preparing the product for an urgent release
Sometimes we get products several weeks before the release. We have learned to quickly understand the legacy code, find weaknesses and ways to fix them. Despite the number of issues, we will do our best to deliver the version of your product in the release.

Steps of «rescuing» the product

Studying your system: the code, repositories, documentation
Auditing and testing the existing system
Preparing an issue fixing plan
Developing and testing the product
Making a joint plan for further product development
Alexey Kolesnokov Cofounder, head development engineer
Alexey Kolesnokov
Cofounder, head development engineer

“Rewriting everything from scratch” - is a usual phrase for many developers, but it is completely unacceptable for a business that has already invested in the creation of its product. If there is even the slightest chance to save and modify existing software - we will do it!”.

What you get

Software product that runs correctly
Exclusive product rights
Source code and documentation we have prepared while working on your product
Ability to use stable releases

For our client’s convenience we offer time and material cooperation approach.

S. Ladoshkina
CEO Travelry

“SimbirSoft specialists helped to literally save our project, which another team of developers failed to complete. We began our cooperation at a critical time, when after a number of mistakes made, the previous developers admitted that they could not complete the project. It was the right decision to contact SimbirSoft. Many tasks were performed much faster than planned. Thanks to this, it was possible to realize even more tasks than was originally intended”.

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