Our Workflow

100% of releases are launched within the timeline
thanks to a well-established internal workflow.

We release affordable, high-quality IT products for your business on time. Even if you are completely new to IT, we will make sure you have a clear idea of all the development processes.

We sign an agreement
Appointing a personal manager
Whether we are designing a turnkey IT product together or strengthening a team, one of our account managers will help you organize the work on the project. The account manager coordinates and monitors work on the project and is responsible for the strategic partnership with the client. Solves any problems, familiar or otherwise. Provides feedback on deadlines, iterations, and improvements.
Organizing a team
We put together a unique team for each project, basing on the specific needs and tasks. The profound expertise and impressive skills of our full-time specialists allow them to solve any problem, no matter how unfamiliar.
Agile working
Agile development helps us to reduce Time to Market. Every project is planned and implemented in sprints (2–4 weeks). After a sprint, we show the client tangible results. There is a separate Workflow for each project, sprint, and MVP. This is a regulation, a detailed business process — from setting a task to providing the client with the deliverables. Workflow provides a clear idea of the project work and allows you to monitor each stage.
Launching analytics
Analyzing and identifying the needs of the client’s business and those of the product users. Studying the target audience. Studying scalability options and plans for the development of an IT product. We collect functional and non-functional product requirements, describe business processes, and develop prototypes and terms of reference. Based on the data obtained, we specify what will be included in the MVP.
Designing a fault-tolerant architecture
Making a decision on architecture and coordinating it with the client. The engineering solution meets the MVP, current, and potential technical and business requirements.
Building and releasing an MVP
Building an MVP. The client receives the finished product promptly and collects feedback from users. This allows you to optimize your budget, estimate the demand, and gradually improve your software. By meeting priority needs, the product will quickly begin to bring in the profit it needs to scale.
We provide CI/CD
We ensure prompt software building and deployment. The clients see versions of the product when it is under development, so they know what the final result will be like and that work is being done according to plan and on time.
Metrics management
There is a special set of metrics for each project: those that are required and customizable. There are 150 metrics on average (time, quality, budget, etc.). We track them daily using our own tool, Health Dashboard, to prevent incidents. It includes metrics such as «health index», planned hours, BurnDown, completion plan, and plan fact. This allows us to comply with standard development processes and the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.
Demo our results
The client has access to the demo stand from the moment the project begins. At the end of each sprint, the team demonstrates the results of the completed tasks.
Phased launch of the project for different user groups and the client’s hardware. Collecting feedback and setting the final configuration of the software.
Developing detailed manuals for the client in different formats: text, video, online training, and personal meetings. These manuals have everything: from the product description to the deployment instructions.
Transferring artifacts
The clients receive the source code, TOR, documents, prototypes, design layouts, and testing reports after the product was paid and released.
Technical support and SLA
We ensure stability and fault tolerance. We implement the client’s ideas on improving features/new functions. We eliminate incidents.

Organizing a team

Project Manager
Responsible for coordinating team work. Manages project changes, makes sure that requirements are met and comply with the project objectives at every stage. Analyzes deviations and errors and introduces solutions. The project manager and the account manager communicate with the client on technical and other issues.
Tech Lead
A senior; solves business level technical problems, determines the technology stack, participates in the development of architecture, and conducts a code review of key tasks.
Team Lead
Responsible for the development team and technical management. Draws up the development strategy, assigns tasks, checks on their implementation and deadlines, and conducts a code review.
QA Lead
Manages the QA team, develops test plans, delegates and monitors testing tasks. Determines the quality criteria for the project and chooses the testing model and its tools. Sets testing deadlines, conducts a risk analysis, and bears responsibility for the quality of the entire product.
1200+ projects completed   over 20 years of improving our experience   830+ clients

Cooperation schemes

Time & Material

A time-based cooperation scheme. Payment is calculated for the actually completed amount of work.

  • A flexible development process: you can change the priorities and tasks.
  • Quick start. We know deadlines are important, that's why we spend less time on approving documents and start work without prepayment.
  • First results in only a month. You will see how quickly we can come up with quality solutions for the tasks at hand!
  • A transparent and detailed hourly report on the tasks completed.
  • Coordination of each stage of work to avoid any downtime or interruptions in productivity.
  • Management of metrics in terms of time, budget, and quality. We share this responsibility with you thereby achieving optimal results.
Limited Time & Material

A cooperation scheme with a fixed phased payment.

  • Planning of work for each stage (2-4 weeks).
  • The cost of all project stages is fixed.
  • Changes are easily planned between stages.
  • The work on the stages begins after the prepayment.
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Tell us your idea
Send us an email or give us a call, we’d love to chat
about your most ambitious idea: +1 617 982 1723
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