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Charitable platform that includes 9 federal funds. Each fund has its own virtual storefront and shares news. When someone makes a contribution, it is equally distributed among all the participating funds.

Platform users are all those who want to help people in need and the funds which can’t raise money in ordinary ways as users don’t know about them.

We converted simple landing into new powerful CMS Magnolia. We got some kind of charity funds aggregator with the opportunity to send money right from the portal.

“I would like to emphasize the interest of the team as a result. Colleagues from SimbirSoft not only developed the functionality according to our requirements, but offered alternative implementation options, taking into account the terms and budget. Not conflict, flexibility, willingness to cooperate - it's about them.”
Protopopov A.M., Manager on Management of the Directorate


Development: Java 8, PostgreSQL 9, SpringBoot, SpringSecurity, Swagger, HibernateORM, PostgreSQL 9, Ansible

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