Oil and Gas industry solution

  • C++
  • QA
  • Management

Software for analyzing data from drilling rig systems. The desktop app analyzes rock structure for geologic horizons map reconstruction and improves accuracy of drilling. The system supports several types of horizons prediction: a stratigraphic for the USA and South America and a model for Russia. A borehole can be visualized in 2D, 3D, viewed from above and rotated about an axis.

The solution is used by companies from the USA, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Australia and China. It is available in English and Chinese.

Project in figures

  • 4 years product support
  • 1000 simultaneous participants
  • 50 oil companies

What we did:

  • Desktop app and its architecture development. The first commercial licence was sold in 8 months after launch of development;
  • Development of client’s module using JavaScript, loading data from our client’s servers;
  • Implementation of stress tests to make the App work faster while transmitting huge amounts of data;
  • Currently working on the product’s web version.


Development: С++11, Qt5, openGL, OSG, cmake, Google Protobuf, NSIS, WMProtect, Jenkins, git, Jira
Testing: VirtualBox, testlink, Jira, Swagger, fidler, Jmeter

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