Cloud gaming platform

  • C++
  • Telecommunications

Cloud gaming platform for launching games based on video streaming technology. Games can be launched on tablets, STB, PC, Smart TV and Mac OS-based devices. Users buy subscription and get access to game base that launch on the cloud server. One of the main advantages of the platform is that it can be launched even on weak hardware and TV-tuners.

We developed distributed clipboard on the server - there used to be only one clipboard for the whole machine, which means that the players could see and edit each other’s information. The Uplay tasks for updating and saving were also implemented.

Project in figures

  • 7 months of development
  • 3 developers, 1 project manager
  • 50,000 users
“Within a short space of time SimbirSoft specialists got into this complex project and showed high level of technical expertise. All the set tasks were completed on time. I would also like to mention agile approach of the SimbirSoft team to their clients. ”
Lykov A., Technical Director


Development: C++, TeamCity, VS2012, git, OllyDbg, IDA Pro, assembler x86 & x86_64

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