Visitors tracking system

  • C++
  • QA
  • Retail

A comprehensive solution for counting visitors to shopping centers, amusement parks, etc. The system consists of wireless visitor counters, a program for collecting statistics and a program for viewing and analyzing statistics. The device counters the movement and the number of visitors. The program collects statistics from the counters and transfers them to a local computer or server. The reporting system automatically updates and stores data, and also builds reporting schedules.

The solution is used in shops and chain stores in the European Union. It allowed to increase sales of the major partners of our client: leading mobile network operator and european chain of сosmetics and perfume.

Project in figures

  • 5 applications
  • 8 developers, 1 PM, 2 QA
  • 1650 successfully completed tasks

Comprehensive solution for tracking visitors of shopping malls, amusement parks etc. The system consists of wireless visitors counter, statistics gathering software and software for viewing and analysing statistics. The counter tracks movement and number of visitors. Software for collecting statistics gathers data from counters and sends them to a local computer or a server. Reporting system updates, stores data automatically and creates diagrams.

“I express great gratitude to the team of specialists of "SimbirSoft" for their professional and competent work. Separately, I want to note a very flexible approach to solving problems, as well as instant response to any requests.”
Leonid Piontkovsky, Chairman of the Board


Technologies: C ++ 11, OpenCV, Qt5, NUnit, Python
Testing Tools: VirtualBox, Firebug, Jmeter

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