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InterSystems provides IT solutions for healthcare, business and government spheres. The main idea of this web resource is to collect all technical documents about the InterSystems technologies, as well as developers and InterSystems users from around the world just in one place.

Project in figures

  • 1 year-process of development
  • 250 closed tasks
  • 8000 registered users

We worked on a Community resource module on InterSystems technologies under this project. 

We implemented the following features within this project: page loading speed optimization, transition from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1, kernel modules update, page / block layout / layout update, push notifications connections, the mailing system and the search engine redesign, ajax-forms processing addition, customization / integration /modules writing.


Backend: Drupal 7(PHP 5.6, later 7.1)
Frontend: Drupal 7 JavaScript API
Search: Apache Solr
Push notifications: Google firebase
Hosting: Cloud Platform Acquia Cloud

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