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February 25th, 2022

SimbirSoft is a partner of IT competitions

SimbirSoft has once again taken part in the organization of two major IT competitions, IT Planet and Volga IT. Each of the competitions included several subtopics; SimbirSoft was in charge of Oracle Databases at the IT Planet, and Applied Programming at Volga IT. Every year we come up with competitive assignments for these events, evaluate the participants' solutions, and take part in the educational program. 

This year, SimbirSoft Deputy CEO Oleg Vlasenko talked to the students about the methods that can help them combine work and studies, and manage the increased workload. "Collaborations between educational institutions and IT companies provide the IT market with young professionals who can boast both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This allows specialists to quickly get immersed in the specifics of work and prove themselves to the fullest," Oleg Vlasenko says.

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