Creating innovations for Energy Industry

Creating innovations for Energy Industry


SimbirSoft have initiated cooperation with pioneer of  renewable natural resources market - Onder

Project is based on blockchain tech which is used in Energy industry. Its implementation allows to sell electricity to end users swiftly changing its cost which depends on the production volume. It also helps to keep track of generated and provided energy, grants calculation process and controls liabilities.

Regions with power outages will primarily  benefit from that innovation: Northern territories for instance, where power network infrastructure can not cope with the load coming from the power plants.

Blockchain technology allows to eliminate the intermediates from the transaction process which proves to enhance its overall transparency, security and reduce the cost. All transactions are being made in cryptocurency, in this regards, each participant of the flow has its own cryptowallet.

In the long run, it is planned that the system will be completely automated: it will be able to sustain automatically, conduct the purchasing and distribution processes. Please follow us to be updated on the project status!

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