I want to help

The application of the charity fund "Bright Life"

  • Android
  • iOS

Users choose who and how they can help: transfer money, share clothes or become a volunteer. Yandex Money was integrated for transferring money. Money is received from the credit card directly to the payment account of the organization. Through the administration panel, fund partners add news and events and monitor inpayments.

1079 users of iOS and Android signed up for the app during the first month.

Project in figures

  • 35 seconds and 2 clicks for donation
  • 9,0
    4.9 user rating
  • 5.5 months development
  • 5 developers, 1 QA, 1 analyst, 2 designers, 1 project manager

The application is intended for everyone who wants to help people in need quickly: the elderly, orphans, homeless, animals, etc. Charitable funds inform users about needy people, track the payments and post reports on the results of charity program.

“A team of professionals from mobile. Simbirsoft was developing a mobile application "I Want to Help" for more than 4 months . Especially I would like to point out the professional level of communication among employees, the quality and efficiency of feedback, the willingness to meet halfway and a sincere desire to make the "product" the best! ”
Philip Shatrov, President of the Bright Life Foundation


Development: Java 8, RxJava, Android Studio, Retrofit 2, Realm, Swift, Alamofire, RealmYandex.Money SDK for Android

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