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LikeTV allows you to watch video broadcasts, TV channels and video content from LikeTV partners, such as Megogo.

Several million viewers in Russia watch the content and broadcasts on the LikeTV web service and in the mobile application.

Project in figures

  • 35 seconds waiting
  • 1 developer, 3 QA
  • 100,000 users

What they had:

  • The number of users did not exceed 3000. As the load increased, the response time of the server increased from 3 seconds to a minute;
  • The video was completely cached in memory, and one user's video could take up 1.5 GB of RAM;
  • The IT infrastructure consisted of Amazon servers.

What we did

  • Carried out load-testing;
  • Created a load on the Amazon server to 100,000 users. To prevent the channel from becoming clogged when testing video content, we added more servers;
  • To prevent the memory from being consumed by 2-3 users, we reorganized the broadcast system. Now we get the video for not more than 10 seconds, then the connection is broken, and again continues for another 10 seconds. Such a gap takes away minimal resource, occurs unnoticed by the server and saves memory;
  • Wrote scripts for testing video content, in order to automatically monitor video problems.


Testing Tools: Bitbucket, Jira, JMeter, BeanShell, VLC-player, Amazon (AWS)

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